Alternative locations for "Green Dragon" Friday

Post date: Aug 10, 2019 4:0:55 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

For the duration of the Farmer's Fair, Bywater and the square in front of the Green Dragon Inn is a busy and noisy place. Go see for yourself and help fill the Mayor's gluttonous needs, if you have the stomach for it. 

The weekly meeting we call Green Dragon Friday is in jeopardy because of this: Many strangers running around, outside and inside the inn, and the noise would even drown out a bagpipe performance (not that there are many of those on Fridays) or the fireworks display that usually ends the evening. 

So the organisers have decided to have the meeting elsewhere for three consecutive Friday evenings:

On August 23 we'll meet you at the Golden Perch in Stock.

On August 30 we are welcome at the Floating Log in Frogmorton.

On September 6 we are closer to home again as we'll gather at the Ivy Bush in Hobbiton.

Ok, so we may need to travel a bit further, but the fun stays the same!

From September 13 on, it's business as usual at the Green Dragon Inn in Bywater, barring any reprisals of the Farmer's Fair. You never know with the people who brought you Yule in.. what was it again? March?

With many thanks to Miss Lina Willowwood for supplying the information for this article.

(( OOC:

Usual Green Dragon Guidelines apply, which means this is an event by and for hobbits. The odd visiting dwarf is always welcome, though! Should yer have any entertainment (songs, stories, riddles, poems or the likes), please bring it along!))