Ales of the Shire - Inn League Sage of Fine Spirits course

Post date: Jan 05, 2014 7:59:47 PM

By Bilbeto Longburrow    Date: 9th Jan 2014 Time: 8pm  Venue: The Bird and Baby, Michel Delving  Local brews from the Shire brew masters will be available for sampling. 

The Thursday Yard Party starts, as ever at 7pm but the Shire Ale Tasting session begins at 8pm.  Miss Bilbeto Longburrow, local resident and Inn League certified Sage of Fine Spirits, will provide information about all of the brews on offer throughout the course of the evening.  In between and around the ale tasting will be music and pie eating.  Hobbit Heart will play and the Evendim Hillbillies are making an appearance before their major concert on 2nd February and in the mysterious absence of our main chef, Master Chucro, a number of hobbits have stepped up to provide sustenance to keep us all going throughout the event.

The Inn League have kindly agreed to sponsor all 3 tasting evenings that make up the Inn League Sage of Fine Spirits course, so the event is now totally free!

Offers of musical assistance are greatly appreciated for any of the evenings but we are particularly hoping to attract a band of Men players for the middle evening on 16th January, so if you happen to know any longshanks minstrels who might be able to help out, do let us know.

((OOC: if you have completed the inn league initiation quest then consuming all of the drinks on each of the 3 evenings will award the title 'Inn League Sage of Fine Spirits'))