A very strange expedition!

Post date: Jul 28, 2014 9:1:47 AM

By Penina Pondhopper, Shire Angling Club 

Well over twenty hobbits and a few others turned out for the trip to the Withywidle and the expedition to discover the rare flowers of the Old Forest. With the aid of an old map from the Cartography Centre, I led the troupe of intrepid anglers on a tour of the Old Forest, taking in such landmarks as the Dire Glade, Tomnoddy Corner and Muddyfoot Hill. And we only managed to get lost once!

We had the good fortune to chance across the lovely lanky Miss Goldberry, who lives here with her husband Tom! She was very kind and told us all about the Entwives, who came to the Forest long ago, fleeing trouble in the south. It was Tom that took them in and let them shelter in the woods. For each of the eight Entwives, there is a special flower that marks the part of the Forest they entered. And Miss Goldberry described them to us each and every one. She even let us fish in her spring.

On the way, we dined at the house of Tom and Goldberry, before crossing the Withywindle and into the darker parts of the Forest. All eight flowers were found and noted (but not picked!) before we emerged tired, muddy and rather damp into the now star-lit Bonfire Glade.

And yes, the trees really do move!

Intrepid anglers line up at Goldberry's Spring