A tribute and Memorial to Geoffroi and Pipes

Post date: Mar 06, 2020 3:22:7 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

The sad news is still a heavy load to bear for all who knew Pipes and Geoffroi. They are no longer among us. 

Geoffroi was the bandleader of the Andune Ensemble. It was not long ago that we were treated to a concert in Oldfurlong, where the Andune Ensemble brought to stage a musical based on Master Bilbo's Red Book ("the Hobbit"). With the music forged by Maestro Geoffroi and lyrics made by Miss Holly.

Master Pipes and his band Thorn and Roses made an almost weekly appearance at the Night of the Muses in Michel Delving, playing some beautiful music for the audience there.

This week's Night of the Muses, on March 4 2020, was already dedicated to this wonderful friend of many. In the picture below you see the Multi-orchestra paying their tribute. The other performers also played music dedicated to the sad occasion.

On March 15 there will be another tribute to this great man. See the poster below. Please take note that this gathering takes place in the land of the Eagle, Landroval, and pay attention to the Daylight Saving Time, that has started on the West , but not yet on the East side of the Big Pond. The times are as stated in the poster.

We hope that many of you will take the trip on the back of the Eagle, to give support to those who will miss Masters Geoffroi and Pipes the most.

Many thanks to Miss Blula for sending us the poster and an unknown hobbit (She is smack in the middle of the sketch of Night of the Muses) for sending us sketches of that night.