A Tasty Dragon Friday

Post date: Aug 03, 2018 1:44:6 PM

By Pycella Woodberry  


Do you value food over hoarded gold? 

Would you like to share your most precious recipe to other hobbits?  

Then you’re in for a treat at the Tasty Dragon Friday!  


Date: Friday August 17 

Time: 7:30 PM ((UK time / 2:30 PM servertime)) 

Location: Green Dragon Inn, Bywater  

All cooks, bakers, and eaters are more than welcome at the Green Dragon on Friday 17 th August, when we will devote the Green Dragon Friday to food. There will be some grand meals for tasting, of course, and don’t worry, Mayor Whitfoot’s invite has mysteriously been lost by the Quick Post, so there will be enough food for everyone. The evening also includes a pie lecture where you can get the esteemed “Pie Maven” title yourself. To pass, you need the minimum belly size of 40, plus some space in your belly ((5 bag slots for the pies)).

We also welcome all hobbits to share their best recipes (and best samples) to other patrons. Other delicious entertainment is also grand. Treat the others with songs, poems, stories and other things that make a hobbit drool. No need to sign up beforehand – just wobble in and let Miss Pycella (the hostess) know.


((OOC: This will be a usual Green Dragon evening, where roleplaying hobbits and travelling dwarves are welcome. Feel free to share some real recipes too! ))