A Story Night in Michel Delving

Post date: Jul 15, 2020 2:33:22 PM

By Nannie  

The long summer nights are almost here at last, the harvests are starting to be gathered and good folks are looking fer a chance ter get tergether.

So, how's about a night of stories, poems and the like?

Ye are all invited ter join me - Nannie. on Saturday the 25th of July at around 7:30pm((BST/2:30pm server time)) on the hill overlooking the town hall in Michel Delving!

Bring a tale or two ter share, be them old or new we'd love ter hear them! Bring ale an a snack! But most of all bring yerself!

Date: 25th July

Time: 7:30pm (BST/2:30pm Servertime)

Location: The green hill above the Town Hall in Michel Delving

Ed.: This story night takes place at what some call a "Secret Picnic Spot". Secret, because it is not immediately obvious how to get there. First travel to Bingo Boffin's burrow. Walk over to his neighbour Merrimac Fairbairn and then follow the route indicated in red. Quite a climb! ((You can click on the picture to enlarge it)).  The view is magnificent and well worth the trouble alone. But you'll get stories and poems too!

Addendum: Well, the above describes how it used to be *sighs*. Nowadays the spot is more easily approachable from the East.

Take the road to Sandson's farm and after a short distance look West to where the rock face is nice and green and not as steep. Start climbing there.

Climb at the arrow