A Seaside Farewell To Summer

Post date: Sep 18, 2017 1:6:29 PM

By Mollywobbles Puddingdale  

Summer is about ter officially end!  

There’s no better way ter see it out than ter go on a hobbit journey!  

Join us for a relaxing weekend away at the seaside resort in Belfalas!   

Date: Saturday October 14 and Sunday October 15  

Time: 7:30PM both days ((UK time, 2:30PM servertime))

Location: Saturday: Travel from the Golden Perch to Belfalas. Sunday: Nóruimar, Belfalas homestead.

A member of the Grand Order was lucky enough to come into possession of sommat lankeys call a “Holiday Home” in a “seaside resort” in a lankey land known as “Western Gondor”.

The Grand Order is currently preparing to go ter this resort ter celebrate the last weekend of fine Summer weather. There will be a bit of an adventure to get there, but we have it on good authority that there is plenty of fun and relaxation ter be had once we arrive. As yer know – there’s no party like a hobbit party!

We also welcome other adventurous hobbits ter come along for the trip. Don’t worry if yer waistband is too small for the journey down and back; we’ll do our best ter look after yer!

Pack up all yer need (including a sleeping roll and tent just in case there’s too many for the lodgings and fizzers) and join us fer the last grand hobbit party of the summer!

SCHEDULE (subject ter change)

SATURDAY, October 14


(1) Depart The Shire: Golden Perch Inn, Stock

(2) Walk/Ride to Bree: West Gate, onwards to South Gate Stable Master

(3) Pony Express to: Dol Amroth, Western Gondor*

(4) Short Walk to: 1 Cape Road, Nóruimar, Belfalas Homesteads, Western Gondor

*For those with small waist sizes unable to take ponies to Dol Amroth (and not willing to spend a Mithril Coin to get there):

Visit the Belfalas Homesteads Housing Broker in South Bree. Arrange to take a tour of a house in Nóruimar. Then either meet the party at the entrance nearest Dol Amroth, or go straight to 1 Cape Road at the feasting table in the yard towards the front entrance. See map below!

Welcome Feast & Lodging arrangements

1 Cape Road, Nóruimar, Belfalas Homesteads, Western Gondor

Exploring Belfalas Homesteads

Seeing the local sights, and possibly doing some relaxing tasks (see below)! If you cannot do them all on the night, feel free to stay behind to sort them out on yer own!

SUNDAY, October 15

Grand Order Breakfast

1 Cape Road, Nóruimar, Belfalas Homesteads, Western Gondor

Fishing at the Beach (possibly a contest!)

Nóruimar Beach*

*best to not try to swim past the big rock; yer will end up somewhere VERY unexpected and will have a LONG journey back!

Grand Order Farewell To Summer Party with music & feasting


Travel home

Express Return to The Shire (for those not sleeping over)

-Hunters can help if needed

(( OOC:

There are some quests in the Belfalas homesteads, which will be the basis for the exploration on Saturday. Those who have done it already can easily join the walks and roleplay exploring the neighbourhood.

Those that complete the set of Belfalas Homestead intro tasks get individual rewards for each and also a lovely Gondoran fireplace as a present once all are done. ((You can see it in the main room of the holiday house)).


Quests for Saturday:

Introduction: Narvindon Lighthouse

-Quest: Cape of Belfalas by talking to Falastir, who aims to show us around the homesteads


-Quest: Homesteads of Gondor by talking to Nothwen, who also aims to show us around the homesteads


All this is is literally walking or riding to specific areas of Nóruimar + checking out the 3 housing types which is easily done by touring them via the housing broker.

Nice rewards given at the end including a lovely Gondoran fireplace. [You can see it in the main room of the holiday house]

Additional Side Quests for those interested

Slope of Emyn Ernil (Falastir)

-Quest: Wood from the Emyn Ernil

("chop wood" aka kill apparently deadly Emyn Ernil Pine Trees - which didn't try to attack).


Main Homestead area (Cranniel)

-Quest: Coastal Berries; pick berries along Nóruimar’s coastal road and beach areas


-Quest: Walking Shell; walk Cranniel’s dog along the Cape Road


Cathlond Docks & Kinship Islands (Haldil)

-Quest: Fishing the Day Away (this is done on the docks)


-Quest: Checking the Traps - this is done on the kinship islands Tol Falthui and Tol Lochul (ferries to both are at the docks)


In summary, paraphrasing the fine words of Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot:

A Grand Order Farewell To Summer is a roleplaying adventure, with opportunities to do Belfalas Homestead quests on the side for those who can and don't already have them completed. ))

Join us for a lot of fun, both on the road and in Belfalas!