A review of the Fraggles at OAKS

Post date: Aug 26, 2015 9:17:22 AM

By Mae Maplebrook  

The Fraggles had folks at the August OAKS jumping for joy!  

Dremac: "The OAKS rocked tonight with the Fraggles, had to put me feet in water to cool them

down afterwards." 

Halgoreth: "small folk with a big sound.  What better way to spend an evening than beating feet to the high-energy tunes from the Fraggles?" 

Hooh: "An expectant crowd gathered in the lovely Shire neighbourhood of Oldfurlong to hear another in the OAKs concert series, organized by local impresario Miss Acorne Oakley.  Performing tonight were Fraggle Rock, a six-piece hobbit band from far-away Crickhollow, on the other side of the Brandywine River. The audience were not disappointed as Wembley, Mokey, Star, Sunne, Red and Gobo fraggle-rocked them for nearly three hours. The Fraggles played mostly rock some disco to lighten things up. How much the audience enjoyed the performance is shown by the fact they insisted on two encores."

Scropy:" Little Miss Acorne invited me along to this weeks OAKS Concert and what a Fraggletastic night it was. The super marvelous and talented Fraggles were promptly on the stage and ready to rock the crowd of music hungry folks in the Oldfurlong Town Square. When they started to play their first song I could tell it was going to be a wild night of dancing, drinking, smoking and good times with new and dear old friends.

The Fraggles delivered awesome tune after awesome tune, ranging from Thunderstruck to Jump (and by golly did people get jumping woohoo!) all the way to YMCA. Fizzers and bangers were exploding everywhere in appreciation of The Fraggles musical choices. 

After a good couple of hours of great entertainment The Fraggles kept delivering to the crowd (we were not going to let them leave ENCORE!!!!!). Man, Hobbit, Dwarf and Elf all came together for what was another fabulous OAKS Concert.

Thanks to Miss Acorne for organizing this great event and of course a massive round of applause for the one and only rocktasticly super duper Fraggles."

Shabe:"The OAKS is so cool :)"

Toadflax: "They had people so busy dancing for 3 hours that folks totally forgot to eat!"

Unknown: "If they had rocked any harder, dwarfs would mine them!"

and finally from Master Potty  (a lad of few words):

"Well here's how I feel about last saturday!"


"Parties, parties, and parties! That's what this past month has looked like!

And surely that means a Hobbit deserves a bit of rest with some tasty pies, a glass of brandy, and a wonderful OAKS performance on an Oldfurlong saturday night!

Luckily that's precisely what was planned last Saturday, and after arrivin' a bit late after a huge meal and a lazy stroll, it was time ter get them feet movin' ter some merry tunes!

As I walked up ter the central square in Oldfurlong, merry sounds of music and cheerin' of free folks greeted me ter the concert!

As always the square was filled with Hobbits and their friends from all over Middle Earth!

This monthly gatherin' in Oldfurlong has become a proud and rich tradition fer us Hobbits, where we meet and appreciate musicians from all over the world!

All thanks to our dear friend, Miss Acorne and all her friends from Oldfurlong!

Right a concert I said, in Oldfurlong!

Once before I had the pleasure ter hear this band play! What band yer ask? The Fraggles ofcourse!

Where do Fraggles come from?

We are not exactly sure! But it did not matter, as they filled the square with their wonderful tunes, we were all to happy ter dance the night away!

I asked a good Elven friend of mine what kind of music they were playin', but I did not get an answer!

Miss Carthien was too busy kickin' her shoes off and dancin' barefoot in the grass!

"The Fraggles rock" she shouted, and I was happy ter agree and join her in her dance!

Lively and merry, time passed quickly that night, and though the band did not sing, their music did the singin' fer them!

After the last encore of many was played, I returned ter me burrow feelin' happy ter have such wonderful friends, and ter hear such grand bards play so close ter me home!

It had been a proper Hobbit party!

How can one tell? Easy!

Master Hooh was there ter dance the night away with us!"


for anyone of you who might have missed it..

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2015 Saturday August 22nd


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