A postcard from Byronbrand

Post date: May 06, 2018 11:9:17 AM

By Byronbrand Stepwise  

Dear Brambleburians,  

I am happy to report that the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. But it is true that have not been visiting my beloved Bramblebury and spoken with it's inhabitants for some time.  

But this is because of my lengthy stay at the home of my good friend and teacher mayor Winston Goodnough of Winterhome located in the Frostbluff regions.

A man of the finest intellect and moral integrity if ever I saw one.

How did I get there? A couple of Summers or more ago I was looking for advice on proper mayor etiquette and good governance.

When I asked my dear brother Dyronbrand for his advice, he told me about his fine and beneficial working relationship with mayor Winston and was kind enough to arrange immediate

transport and accommodation to this somewhat chilly place. He and the mayor assured me I would learn all the - as they put it - "tricks in the trade" in as little time the Winter passes in that region.

An my stay there has not been wasted. I have already learned many useful things. For example being a tailor is a essential part of being a mayor. Mayor Goodnough for many times now has mentioned that "a mayor's pockets should be lined as much as possible". Though in truth I am still to understand the exact effect linen clothing has.

In addition mayor Goodnough will teach me about "offshore tax havens". Again I did not realize fishing was part of a mayor's skill set, but there you are. And given my disposition towards boats, this may take a while to get a grip on. But all these practices clearly benefit Winterhome as the local people truly love and respect mayor Goodnough. Regularly they donate large quantities of food, wine, clothes and coin for the good of Winterhome.

In Summer I should be ready to return for a short break despite of Dyronbrands' objections I should wait till the passing of Winter.

He expects it will be a little difficult to find housing in Bramblebury, as he forgot to pay the rent for about two years. Yet no matter, I expect to find lodgings at the The Bird and Baby Inn.

All that said, I will not run again for re-elections later this year. For as I wrote above - there are still many things for me to learn first.

Until we meet again ! Warmest of regards,

Byronbrand Stepwise

Winterhome, Forstbluff.