A party invitation

Post date: Sep 26, 2019 9:30:24 PM

By Timblewoot 


Every year, a crazy group of Hobbits called The Socks have a party, and this year is no exception. 

Although it will be Exceptional.

That goes without saying.  Although I have just said it.

Anyway, you are unordinarily invited to a more curious than culinary feast. A feast for an odd mind rather than a belly.

There will be Four Courses.

Not Four Candles.

Starters will be a game of "Skcos" followed by an even better game of "Stah"!

The Main Course will be a wonderful play planned for your enjoyment: The Tale of Ollie Twistytoes - By Carly Diggins

Dessert will be the song "Socks Glorious Socks" / "Ore Glorious Ore" / "Fish Glorious Fish" / "Hats GloriousDevious Hats"

There will also be a second dessert - A pudding race!

We hope to see you here. Or there. Or somewhere.

Location: The Socks Kinhall (4 Myrtle Court, Shortshot)

Date: Sunday 20th OcSocktober

Time: 7.30pm for 8pm start (UK Time)

Dress Code:Highland dress, Kilts and Trews*   All hats banned in Socktober!  HATS   All hats welcome.  They will be burnt in our campfire to keep the fire hot! It is Ore that should be burnt in the fire, and used to make nice jewels to put on hats. The ore will be used to make tools, and the slag will be used to weigh down the hats when we throw them into the pond.

*  Playpen provided for all sporrans to play together

Ed.: In the past, advertisements like the one above have given rise to an increase of burglary and unauthorised editing at the Gazette's office. Hopefully we'll remain free from this this year. In your dreams , mate! The Socks rule!!