A Night of Frights

Post date: Sep 18, 2022 7:15:50 PM

By Nonette, Demelsa, Bella and Bennidict

Event details: 

Bring your own boos to our Harvestmath-themed concert in Wistmead! This is a laid-back evening where we'll play some of our scarier tunes.

Do dress up in your best frightening outfits!

Date:    October 29th

Time:    7.00 PM ((UK time/2:00 PM server time))

Location: Wistmead

Ed.: Wistmead  is accessible via a horse near Bingo Boffin[29.8S, 71.2W] during the Festival. It is not accessible during other times. 

((OOC details:

This is a hobbit roleplaying event, though we welcome all comers along.

The concert will take place in Wistmead when the Harvestmath festival is live. In order to get into the same layer as the band, please send an in-game tell (/tell) to one of the listed officers.))