A mysterious mission from Lobelia

Post date: Nov 22, 2018 4:29:13 PM

By Pycella Woodberry

Hullo my fellow hobbits!

I am afraid that we are all in some trouble. You remember the Toolman’s Treasure hunt we had a while ago? Apparently, Miss Lobelia has heard of it, and now she wants to speak with us. She says that she has something we could look into. She didn’t give more details, but asked us to come to Bag End on Sunday December 9th, at seven and half bells ((UK time)). She asked if we could bring some dogs and other pets that are good for tracking.

I am not sure what this is about, but I bet we will hear more on December 9th! Please join me for this mysterious adventure once more. I don’t want to face Lobelia on my own…Warm regards,