A Murder Mystery Night

Post date: Jul 06, 2021 1:13:34 PM

By Clumbo

Solve the mystery...

Examine the clues...

Discover the culprit...

You are invited to attend a dinner and game night!

The game is afoot, and the game is a murder most foul!

....not really though! Don't worry! No one has been hurt. It's all just pretend!

You see, I have crafted a playable game for us where we all use our powers of deduction, investigation, and Hobbit-sense to be the first to discover the culprit of the "murder", and I am very excited to share this game with you all!

Presenting: Clumbo's Murder Mystery Night!

When: July 10th, 7:30pm ((UK, 2:30pm server time))

Where: 4 Myrtle Court, Downfurrows, Shire Homesteads

What: A lighthearted murder mystery game

The night will start off with some tasty nibbles while everyone shuffles in, meets and greets. I will explain the rules. Then, the game shall begin in earnest.

We will become detectives (do feel free to dress up in a sleuthy or spooky outfit!) and we'll take our turns making moves, taking guesses, and solving the grand mystery.

If you love a good mystery, or love a good fun game that calls for a thinking-cap, please do come along! I think, and I hope you may enjoy yourself!

((OOC: No prior knowledge necessary! It will be quite similar to the board game Clue/Cluedo, but played in physical game-space. It is for relaxed fun and enjoyment, not overly competitive in nature. I'll explain how to play for everyone just before we begin. Hope to see you there!))