A light of Hope

Post date: Mar 27, 2020 2:9:29 PM

Poster by Amorey Sweetrose, words by Peppy Bristlebrush 


A light of Hope, it is much needed these days, not just in the Shire. 

After an invitation by Lord Elrond himself, Hobbit Heart will perform music and poetry at the Last Homely House in Rivendell.  Gather outside near the entrance and you'll be guided to where the concert will take place. This will be on the little the mount where the elf Glorfindel resides.

You have all been invited to attend. It's a long trip, but it does not require a trip on the back of an eagle. Do take care of any youngsters who want to come along. It is a dangerous road for them! 

Come to Rivendell on Sunday April 26 at 8pm ((UK, servertime 3pm)) 


7.30pm - Audience start to gather in the gardens of the Last Homely House, Glorfindel's Hill, Rivendell

8.00pm - Bennidict of Shire Rose’s Welcome Speech - Musical performance start

- Songs -

1. We Will Draw Near - Opening melody

2. Hobbit Sunshine - A traditional hobbit song to welcome a new day

3. Sing All Ye Joyful - A cheery hobbit tune

4. Heart of the Shire - A delicate tune about the beauty of the Shire


5. Nightingale - A song inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien poem Beren and Lúthien

6. Star of Eärendil - A song inspired by the tales of Eärendil the Mariner

7. Candle On The Water - A song about the light of hope and friendship

8. Cavatina - A classic Hobbit Heart's tune


9. Life is Beautiful - A cheerful song about the beauty of life and happiness

10. Somewhere My Friends- A soft tune about distant friends

11. Let's Go Eat A Pie - A lovely hobbit song about....pie, of course.

12. Song of Iluvatar - A love song about the creation of Middle-earth and Arda


13. The Rose of the Shire - A gentle hobbit tune about roses

14. Music of the Night - A mellow song about music

15. Buckland Hornepipe- A lively dance associated with river-hobbits

16. Tuckborough Fair- A classic Hobbit Heart's song from Tookland

BENNIDICT of Shire Rose on behalf of Lord Elrond Half-elven : BLESSING OF HOPE

17. Sweet Valinor- A song of the sea dedicated to all those who have sailed into the West

18. Memory of Shire Fair - The very first song ever performed by Hobbit Heart

19. A Light of Hope A song of hope and light



The event location, near the elf Glorfindel