A Journey to Faraway Hobbit Lands [Part One and Two]

By Demelsa and Filomina

A dusty tome uncovered in the library of Tuckborough tells of distant relatives living in strange, far-off parts of the world. We will go quietly–lest the locals talk–in search of these “Holbytla” lands with the book’s vague descriptions to guide our way.

We invite any able-bodied Hobbits of questionable character to join us on our journey to see if there is any truth to these distant cousins, and with luck, meet them!

Wear your best wandering outfits and bring your walking sticks, as well as any practical pets such as ponies, donkeys and hounds.

We will gather at the stable in Rivendell; The Shire to Rivendell section of the journey will be assumed to shave some time off the walk.

Part 1:

Date:   August 12th, 2023

Time:   7.00 PM UK time/2:00 PM server time

Location: Elrond’s Stable, Rivendell [29.3S, 6.7W]

Part 2:

Date: August 16th, 2023

Time: 7.00 PM ((UK time/2:00 PM server time))

Location: Vegbár, Vales of Anduin [7.9N, 58.8W]

((OOC details:

The expedition is designed to take two sessions and bring us Shire-hobbits into contact with Lyndelby Housing. It may provide in-character reasons to purchase Lyndelby Smials upon their release.

All Hobbit characters are welcome along on the journey, as well as any traveling Dwarf friends that wish to share in the adventure with us. Note, while this event is for Hobbits, we aren’t opposed to respectful observers and/or the odd encounter with passersby of varying limb sizes. But as Hobbits, we will likely try to remain as hidden as possible on the road.

We ask that you stay in-character at all times in /say. Any out-of-character questions or queries can be directed to officers in a /tell or in-game mail.

While we will do our best to protect lower levels and escort them to Lyndelby, be vigilant! Enemy mobs (even the moose are unfriendly!) will charge at you from farther afield and defeat will result in you being ported back to your starter zone. In the event of defeat, it may be possible to use Mission Recruiters to fast travel part of the way back to us.  ))