A Hobbit Yule Carol

Post date: Oct 31, 2018 5:17:12 PM

By Nonette Shenanigan 

Greetings, fellow hobbits! 

As you all know, it’s almost that time of year again – Yuletime! Many a hobbit will soon be busy wrapping various mathoms for their myriad relations, setting aside the best of the harvest for a great Yule feast, and decorating their burrows in true Yule fashion. 

Some years ago, I wrote a play in celebration of the season entitled Scrooge: A Hobbit Yule Carol. A few of you hobbits may remember it, but if you don’t – FEAR NOT! This heart-warming tale of transformation is coming back to Middle Earth for Yule 2018! 

Even more exciting than that – how could anything be more exciting than that, you ask me, well let me tell you! – is that my uncle, the grey-haired grumbling grouch of the Green Dragon, the one-and-only Matzo Shenanigan himself, will be starring in the lead role of Scrooge!

How did I get him to participate? What horrible secret must I be holding over his head for him to be so agreeable? No, nothing at all dreadful like that. I simply requested that he play a part in one of my theatrical creations as my gift for Yule this year. Now, he may have asked three or four dozen times for alternatives, but I have stayed strong my friends! (although my resolve wavered somewhat at his pledge of a month’s worth of his seasonal blackberry brew, scrumptious!) Needless to say, you hobbits will certainly owe me an ale or two in gratitude for your tremendous entertainment!

Additionally, as a condition of his participation, Uncle Matzo has conscripted (rather against his will) the talents of Wiberic Tentoes, who was the last hobbit seen sitting in Matzo’s chair at the Green Dragon not long after his dinner went missing a few weeks ago. Uncle Matzo has chosen for Wiberic the role of Scrooge’s nephew (probably so he can spend a few weeks in rehearsals giving him the grump-eye and berating him on stage)!

And so we are finally coming to it. To make this play the true masterpiece that it deserves to be, we will need more able actors to fill out pivotal roles such as the Narrator, the Three Spirits of Yule, old man Marlo, and more!

In an effort to get a leg up on things (because as soon as my local taps its keg of seasonal ale, I’ll be rather indisposed thereafter), we are preparing to hold auditions for any hobbits who want to be part of this historic event! Dates and times will be announced once casting is complete.

Please send a letter via the Quick Post to Wiberic or Matzo to express your interest!

-Nonette Shenanigan