A Haunted Burrow Walk

Post date: Oct 18, 2022 3:58:33 PM

By Nannie 

And travellers, now, within that valley

Through the red-litten window see

Vast forms, that move fantastically

To a discordant Melody

While, like a ghastly rapid river

Through the pale door

A hideous throng rush out forever

And laugh – But smile no more

The nights are drawing in, and crops are almost in from the fields.

Yonder trees are shedding their leaves and the air is turning crisp.

Tis the time soon fer pumkins and ghosts, which means...

A Haunted Burrow Walk!

The date ter remember is Sunday 30th October, at 7:30 pm ((3:30 servertime))

Ye are invited ter bring yer most frightening costume, an see who can scare the most!

We will meet as always in the Ivy Bush fer a wee dram or two before we set off.

Then, tergether we will walk ter the Burrow under the Hill and see what we can find.

Maybe the spirits of the wedding party of olde!

Or perhaps hidden gold?

Along the way, there will be tales ter chill and poems ter make ye wonder.

We’ll end our shiver fest in the cozy warmth of Nag end… er… Bag End, where move tales will be spun.

Another wishing ter share a tale, poem or chilling song do let me know and ye’ll get yer chance

So join me, yer dedicated guide ah dunna think ah’ve lost anyone…. Yet

on Sunday 30th at 7:30pm in the Ivy Bush.