A Green Bullroarer Took Friday

Post date: Mar 09, 2017 12:32:58 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush   

Time flies, when you're having fun, the saying goes. And we must have had a lot of fun, since it's again that time of the year to commemorate the Battle of the Greenfields and it's Hobbit hero, the one who singlehandedly beat the Goblin Chief. I'm talking ofcourse about Bullroarer Took Day!   We celebrate this hero's brave deeds each year on March 17. And this year, that's a Friday! So I conferred with GDF's moderator, Miss Lina Willowwood, and we decided to move Green Dragon Friday to Brockenborings again.

So next week, on Friday the 17th, instead of to the Green Dragon Inn, we invite you to come to the Bullroarer Took statue in Brockenborings.

Proceedings will be like on a normal Friday at the Green Dragon: There will be a host (me) and entertainment from you, the visitors! There will be News as well, ofcourse.

As for the entertainment, it would be nice to have songs, poems, stories related to Bullroarer Took and/or  the Greenfields battle. It's okay to perform last year's dedicated songs and poems again, you do not absolutely have to write new material, but doing the latter can count on much appreciation, ofcourse.

O, and we hope to see the Greenbrambles perform again, that band from Bramblebury that never misses a Bullroarer Took Day!

Another thing to think of is the traditional "wearing of the green" on this day. We ask you alll to wear green clothes, cloaks, hats and what have you.

Did I mention the toasting yet? Traditionally on Bullroarer Took Day, many a toast will be made to him and this year there will be Brockenborings Brandy to be had for that! It has quite a kick, so modesty is advised!

To summarize it all:

What:    Bullroarer Took Day Celebrations

Where:  In Brockenborings, near the Bullroarer's statue

When:   On Friday March 17, starting around 7:30 ((UK,  3:30pm servertime))

We hope to see you all there, forming a sea of green!

(( OOC 

Bullroarer Took Day is Lotro's implementation of St. Patrick's Day, hence the date and the wearing of the green.

Try to keep the music related to that: Irish, Celtic is always nice, but especially on this day!

If you have news or would like to perform, please send a /tell to Peppy, not Lina this time. Try to limit your performance to about 10 minutes. Less is good too.

The Greenbrambles are the house band and they may exceed the 10 minute limit and fill gaps in the program (and so perform more than once if needed).

We hope to meet you all on the 17th! All includes hobbits and all other races.   ))