A Forest of OAKS!

Post date: Apr 24, 2015 10:9:2 AM

By Acorne Oakley   

Thinkin back on the day this idea first came inta my head...........  

    One evenin I was sittin on the grassy bank of Mudbottom Lake near Bywater sippin on an ale I brung from The Green Dragon...just watchin the purty pink streaks of the settin sun slidin across the lake makin them fishes look all rosy when they jumped up out of the water.    As I watched the sun kissed the hills on the horizon good nite and slid down behind them spreadin colours across the sky briefly afore it all started gettin dark.    I took the last sip, set the mug down in the grass, and leaned back against the ground.   Then out danced the stars singin it be our turn ta shine fer ya.    I noed I should be gettin back ta my gammer's farm soon but I started feelin drowsy and thought it woodnt hurt ta take a wee nap afore I go.   So I snuggled down inta the grass and was soon fast asleep.    Suddenly I was back in Oldfurlong surrounded by so many happy, dancin , singin folks!! 

 It was a mighty grand party wit so many bands.   I saw Andune Ensemble all purty in the dark blue they wear (hard ta tell which be mor beautiful them or the music they play)

...and over there....the BIg Rock and Bara Bahau wit a bunch of lasses dancin around as he sang of far away places.  

     Then I looked over my shoulder and it be the Travelin Bilberries dancin and playin as they weaved in and out of the crowd.   

     There was my dear friend Ponso handin out pipeweed ta all and sayin " Enjoy the Dragon's Breath!"

    I herd a blast of pipes and there be Brandywine and Biscuits singin "Welcome ta the OAKS".

    I felt sumone come up behind me sweepin me off my feet and up , up inta the arms of a tall eluf and looked ta see the leader of the Maidens of Vanimor smilin an huggin me.

    When she sat me down it were rite in the middle of the Chantefables and almost rite on top of Master Ruff...bein always a gentle hobbit he caught me in mid-air and put me down safe agin back on my own two feet.

      I looked ta my left and saw them Crazy Ladies of the Forest playin such glorious soothin music birds was actually glidin down from the trees and restin on their shoulders as they played...honest!

      When I looked ta my rite....there was them singin Brandy Badgers peekin out from behind a big barrel of ale wit traces of berries across their smilin faces.

      I herd a raucous laugh in front of me....had to be that rascal Sir Weetodd... and then Disenchanted started rockin.

      I started dancin thru the crowd..couldnt help but dance wit all this amazin music bein played and spun around findin myself face ta face wit my idol ...Miss Emylou Haggins herself!...singin wit all the uther Evendim Hillbillies...singin that fabulous song Pete and Janco wrote fer me!! :)

      Master Silon came jiggin up and served folks sum blackberry ale...never stopped dancin fer a minute and never spilled a drop neither!

      Off in the distance I herd a chant .."We want breakfast! "    Nuthin unusual wit folks wantin a bit of breakfast *grins*    Out came the bestest breakfast of all...the Breakfast Club!

       Missus Toadflax wit her hips swayin ta the music come up wit a large tray of eggs wit mushrooms and sausages...and it disappeared so fast I only had time ta grab two helpings.

       Then I felt a gentle shakin as sumone be rockin my shoulder back and forth sayin  "Miss Acorne..what're ya doin here?   Do ya go fishin so early in the mornin ..and wit no fishin pole?"

I awoke and there be Barmy Rootknot from the Dragon.   I had slept there all nite long...*giggles*

But that dream give me a GREAT idea!

        Since I started the OAKS....the Oldfurlong Amazin Koncert Series.... almost a year ago...it were about time fer a one-year anniversary party!

          I invited back all them bands what has played in the OAKS....

         And they all agreed!!   All the OAKS be comin back fer one mighty grand party...all the OAKS gettin t'gether ...kind of like a Forest of OAKS!

        That's what we'll be havin ...a Forest!    On Sunday May 17th startin at five bells in the evenin (5pm UK time/noon server time) all the bands from the past year be playin back ta back in one day...wit all the ale/beer/wine. food , pipeweed, and fireworks ya could ever want ta have!! :)

         We in Oldfurlong wants ta invite all of Middle Earth ta join us...and bring all yer family and friends cause this is gonna be a mighty fine time wit more ale than even Tiny could drink (ya no him..the lad always carryin a keg on his back) and more food than Sweet Simbo's whole family could eat includin Simbo (the lad wit the biggest apetite in the Shire), more pipeweed than all of Durin's Folk could smoke in a day, and so many fireworks ya mite think the Oldfurlong neighborhood be ablaze but it be only colours  *giggles*

         And plenty of mighty purty hobbits ta dance wit  *smiles*...yup them lads can really dance.    It's not just a rumor ...it be a fact! :)

         Come join us in the


Where: the town square of the Oldfurlong neighborhood of the Shire homesteads

When:  Sunday May 17 startin at 5 bells in the evenin ((5pm UK time/noon server time))