A fishing match at Bamfurlong with surprising results!

Post date: Sep 14, 2017 5:36:52 PM

By Ponso Pondhopper   

As part of the annual Harnkegger Games, organised by Durin’s Folk and The Blue Mountains Regiment, we were proud to host a fishing match in the Marish. And what a match it turned out to be!   

In total, there were thirty-nine contestants. That, in itself wasn’t surprising as folk come from all over to take part in the Harnkegger Games. A total of eleventy-hundred and two fish were caught, also not surprising, given the number of contestants. What was surprising was the results!   

The weedy prize was shared between Skaldfingur and Myntee, both of whom caught six bundles of weed.

The third prize, with a catch of seven trophy fish, five edible fish, eighteen other fish, three bundles of weeds and an old butterknife, went to Drucilla. (64 points)

Second prize, with a catch of four trophy fish, eight edible fish, twenty-one other fish and only one piece of junk (a rusty breadknife by the look of it), went to Rhongar, a dwarf. (64 points)

But the first prize, with an outstanding catch of nine trophy fish, five edible fish, twenty-two other fish, one bundle of weeds and a rusty fruit-knife, a total of eighty points went to our dear friend Mister Fidgit! This not only beat the previous Harnkegger record of 62 points, set by Miss Seggra two years ago, but is also a new record for Shire Angling Club matches.

To catch thirty-eight fish in fifteen minutes is an achievement in itself, but to catch fish of such quality is outstanding. Mister Fidgit has set a record that will be very hard to beat in the future. He has shown that, when it comes to fishing, we hobbits are hard to beat.

Furthermore, of the eleventy-hundred-plus fish we saw catches of eighty-seven catfish and a hundred and fifty-six dace, which provided a grand first breakfast for the hungry competitors who have been fishing through the night.