A fairly empty calendar

Post date: Nov 08, 2014 10:51:40 AM

By Peppy Bristlebrush   

No, you're not looking at a misprinted copy of the Gazette! It seems that for November we have not much yet in the way of events. This can have several causes, but one may be that the retuning of the instruments did not go as well as we expected.  

After the storm of November 5th, musicians everywhere are left with severely unbalanced instruments. Some are too loud others are too soft. After recovering from their initial despair and anger, bands are trying to make the best of what is still possible, but it is much work and work that perhaps will have to be redone after the authorities come up with (partial) solutions of their own. With Yule getting closer and closer this does not make our minstrels and bards very happy.

But, there still are other types of events that do not rely on music so much. We still have the Hobbit Market and perhaps Master Ponso and Miss Penina know of a nice spot to have another fishing contest? Perhaps the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom can organise a bring-'m-by mathom appreciation evening again?  How about a contest? Poetry, piebaking, storytelling, are all subjects that arouse a hobbit's attention.

And as you've heard at the Green Dragon Friday and Bird and Baby Yard Party, music is not dead! The instruments are flawed, but not silent! Give them an extra warm applause, those musicians who try hard to overcome the limits they have to face now.