A dwarven wedding in Needlehole

Post date: Jan 30, 2014 10:6:55 AM

By Zhigi Needlefire 

The bearded chaps standing at the back of the Green Dragon, or lined up along the western wall smoking their pipes - some may be visitors to the Shire, but others are neighbours. Needlehole is full of muddy footed hobbits, but also quite a few dwarves who enjoy the slow pace of that little corner of road where Rushock Bog meets the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Zhigi and Norgi are two of those.  Norgi son of Norgi returned to Thorin's Halls to be best man in the wedding of his brother-in-arms Augir, and his cousin Hanfrere daugher of Hani. He met back up with Grymrock in Bree afterwards, and resumed his place with the Chosen Few. That's when he met Zhigi with her firey beard, traveling through on her way to find her aunt Aurin. After a short period of time, they found that they couldn't do without each other. They've decided to pool their skills in a new business venture, as well as build a new family.Norgi son of Norgi and Zhigi Needlefire would like to invite you to their wedding feast!The chests will be full of food and drink and open to all. Please, no gifts. Instead there'll be a 'game of decorations' where all the guests are welcome to decorate the hall for the party, in conspiracy with or against other guests. Be sneaky about erecting a windmill!

The Brandy Badgers have agreed to play a little of their collection of fine tunes for the celebration!

Location: Needlehole ((4 Brookbank Street, Muckwell, home of the Company of the West))

Date: Monday, February 10th

Time: 8:00pm GMT, Brandy Badgers play at 8:30pm GMT

At your service, Zhigi Needlefire, daughter of Augrim, son of Ormur.

((OOC: Another source of information on this wedding is the Laurelin Archives.

Important: In character the wedding takes place in Needlehole, but the actual OOC location, where it will all happen, is Muckwell, 4 Brookbank street!

The wedding ceremony itself is secret and dwarf only! Please respect this! It will not last long.  The party is then open to all))