A delegation of Men to visit the Shire

Post date: May 20, 2014 10:43:9 AM

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

A message has reached the offices of the Gazette about a group of Men, who are to visit the Shire this Thursday, May 22nd.

Their leader, a man called Thane Goldenshield, will come to the Bird & Baby Inn to address as much hobbits as he can.

Thane Goldenshield and company are on a tour to thank their allies for the help received from them in far away Rohan. This sparse information is all that is known at the time of writing. It is not even clear whether our Mayor, Wil Whitfoot, will take the time to cross the square and officially welcome these guests from outside the Shire. If not, we hope that a hobbit of equal dignity, like our re-elected Shire Queen, Miss Acorne, will do the honours.  

The Men are in luck ofcourse, as at the moment they have planned, there will be the weekly Bird and Baby Yard Party in full swing. If you've never been to such a Yard Party, now is a most special opportunity again. And as both Master Chucro and Miss Bilbeto will be your hosts, you'll be treated to lovely food and special drinks (for a small fee, ofcourse).

So do come to the Bird and Baby Inn on May 22. The Yard Party will start 7:30pm and the distinguished guests will do their presentation around 8pm. ((3pm servertime))

Merriment at a typical Bird & Baby Yard Party