A call to musicians and poets: Sign up for Bullroarer Took Day!

Post date: Feb 24, 2018 3:7:41 PM

By Peppy Bristlebrush  

Three weeks from today it will be Bullroarer Took Day again! 

I think I don't need to explain who Bullroarer Took was and what his significance was to the Hobbits of the Shire. Suffice it to say, that without his great victory in the Battle of the Greenfields, we would live under goblin command and be eating not pie, but unspeakably gross dishes, like craban gizzards and such. And we would not play golf either!

So to honour him, we gather every year in Brockenborings, near the grand statue, to play, sing and dance to the music of his day. And to praise his courage in songs, poems and  stories. We'll also do that this year, ofcourse on Saturday, March 17.

Music will be played again by, amongst others, that special band called the Greenbrambles. But we can have other bands and bards on stage as well! Please sign up with me, Peppy Bristlebrush, if you have special music, poems, songs or a story related to Bullroarer Took. Just write to the Gazette c/o P.Bristlebrush ((editors@brambleburygazette.com)).

Now for you who are not artistically inclined, you are ofcourse welcome too, to dance and listen to the tributes of all sorts. One thing though: Make sure you'll come dressed in green! It is a tradition that is as much part of Bullroarer Took Day as is the music and the drinking of large quantities of ale. You can buy green dye at the Hobbit Market in many shades. There will be a run on those dyes so you'd best buy early!

So to summarize:What:    the annual Bullroarer Took Day celebrations

Where:  in Brockenborings, near the statue of Bullroarer

When:    March 17, starting at 7:30 Bells in the evening ((19:30 UK, 20:30 CET, 3:30pm Servertime))

Sign up before March 10, if you want to play music, sing a song or recite a poem or story, dedicated to Bullroarer Took ofcourse.

Buy your festive clothes and the green dyes to colour them appropriately, from the marketeers at the Hobbit Market (See the Hobbit Calendar for the exact dates).

And while you're there, shop for new tools too! (a message from Nimelia Stoutfoot)

NO need to sign up if you are simply coming to listen and dance. You are very welcome to do so!


By nature this is a Hobbit roleplaying event, but scholars of other races who study Hobbit culture, are welcome to observe and dance along. But please don't block the view of our Hobbits. They are not as tall as you are!

If there are too many applications, we may have to select. We'll give precedence to poets and lone bards. There is limited room for bands. Afterwards there can be an open stage at the Plough and Stars for those who were not selected or had their program shortened.

Since this is our in game version of St.Patrick's Day, please follow the tradition of wearing green. And make your choice of music Celtic/Irish!!