A call to arms for Bullroarer Took Day!

By Peppy Bristlebrush

Pretty soon it will be March again, which means Bullroarer Took Day is approaching!

It is time to prepare!

Hullo dear Hobbits!

As in previous years we will gather in Brockenborings at the foot of the statue of the great Hero.

We will honour him and those who have fallen in the Battle of the Greenfields and we'll do it with drinking, some fence running, music, songs, stories and poems!

And, ofcourse, we will all be wearing green clothes.

I hereby want to invite musicians, poets and storytellers to sign up for performing that day, which will be Sunday March 17. Tentative starting time will be seven and a half bells ((19:30 UK time)) And don't worry: it is a leap year this year, so you all get one extra day to prepare!

I hope the Greenbrambles will play again and also the aptly named band the Bullroarers. But other bands are welcome too, even single musicians.We call them Lone Bards. All bands, duos, trios or lone bards can sign up with me by sending a message to the editors of the Gazette. The time you will get allocated to perform will be decided upon later and depends on how many sign up.

But we need poems and stories as well!I know for a fact that we have many talented poets and story tellers in our Shire. I sincerely hope that they too will sign up and recite a poem about the Bullroarer.Don't be shy! Even humble attempts will be greatly appreciated!

Don't wait too long with signing up. For reason of planning we hope to make a schedule in advance.

In the event of (too) many signing up, we'll probably go with "first come, first served" and/or start half an hour earlier. There is also the option to have a free stage after the official program, but in recent years no use was made of that. It will all depend on the number of talented people signing up.

In recent years we have seen members of the other Free People races who were interested in attending Hobbit cultural manifesatations. They will be welcome this year too.

Please let me know your plans before March 10 so we can work out the details of the evening. Contact me through editors ( working at ) brambleburygazette.com, this newspaper's emailaddress.


The date is not incidental: Bullroarer Took Day is the in-game version of St.Patricksday! Therefore please wear green outfits either performing or just visiting. 

We'd love to hear songs, stories or poems about Bullroarer Took and the Battle of the Greenfields. For your choice of music we'd love to hear Irish music or any other folk music. It's all up to you, but those are the preferences. 

It will be a Hobbit preferred roleplaying event, but members of other races are welcome to observe our culture. Just don't block the view of those shorter than yourself.))