11th Historical Fieldtrip, Sunday 7 December

Post date: Nov 18, 2014 3:15:23 PM

By Lina Willowwood  

Staddle. A village just outside of Bree. Home to a lot of hobbits making their lives in the Bree-lands. How did them end up here? Join us for a night of history, tales and roast sausages over the campfire!   Date: Sunday December 7thTime: 7PM UK ((2PM servertime)): Meet at the stable master in South Bree             7:30PM UK ((2:30PM servertime)): The tales begin in StaddleLocation: Start in South Bree, then move to Staddle for the proper field trip.To the Bree-lands Where did hobbits originally come from? However did some of them end up in Bree? What kind of customs do they have? And whyever don't they want to move to the Shire, like proper hobbits?

Answers to these questions, and more, may be given during our eleventh hobbit historical field trip. There are no guarantees, though!

We will meet by the stablemaster in South Bree before heading off to Staddle. Once there, our local historians will present stories, tales, poetry and songs related to hobbit lore. Food WILL be served.

Want to know more about hobbit history? Then come along! Bring your fishing rod too!

The field trip should last about 2 hours or so.


Believe it or not, but this marks the 5th anniversary for our hobbit historical field trips! As usual, the trip combine a few lectures/stories of hobbit lore with songs and entertainment. If yer want to know more about hobbits and their history, here is yer chance.

Given the subject matter, this is very much a hobbit-preferred event. However, since we are off in Bree-lands, should the odd loreseeking dwarf, man or elf interested in hobbit lore choose to show up, they won't be chased away. Be prepared for puzzled looks and the odd comment about your beard and/or height during the night, though.

People are encouraged to listen raptly to the given lectures and save most dialogue to the breaks, but a few odd questions are always welckome! It goes without saying that this is a 100% In Character event, but remember that our historians often go for a tall, exciting tale more than strict lore accuracy.))