Elderglen Residents Association Minutes of First Meeting

Date and Time:        Wednesday 24th June (2nd Afterlithe, S.R.) at Nine Bells 

Venue:                      Shirriff's Office, No. 6 Myrtle Burrows, Elderglen 

Village Residents in attendance: 

Master Pogodoc Spudplucker, Shirriff (Hon.) of the Southfarthing (acting Chairhobbit) 

Miss Pycella Woodberry 

Master Fidgit Little Wonder 

Master Pete Proudfoot 


Master Mundugus Stoutfoot 

1. Welcome 

The acting Chairhobbit welcomed Elderglen dwellers to their inaugural residents meeting, and a guest (one Mundugus Stoutfoot) looking to buy a burrow in a friendly neighbourhood. We were glad make Master Mundugus' acquaintance, wish him luck in this endeavour and hope he chooses to join us in Elderglen. 

2. Matters Arising 

2.1 Elderglen Village Governance 

The acting Chairhobbit stated that he was of a mind that Elderglen village is too small a place to require a formal council and mayor, and proposed the founding of a Residents Association as an interim measure of governance as the population grows. Such an authority would need a nominal Chairhobbit and appoint such roles as Secretaty, Treasurer and so on if required, and committees to run events. He also volunteered to continue as Shirriff for the foreseeable future. After some discussion on the duties of said Chairhobbit and the virtues of sufficient seating in government, Master Pete 'Onionfarmer' Proudfoot put his name forward for the position with the full support of all hobbits present. 

2.2 Trespasser at Harrow Fields 

In his capacity as Shirriff, Master Pogodoc Spudplucker reported that in recent weeks there have been a spate of fence-running incidents all over the Shire. This is not unusual in Sping, as young hobbits practice for the Bullroarer's Challenge up near Brockenborings. Master Pete did interject at this point 'as long as they don't break my fences, I am okay with that'. With the festival now concluded all farmer's boundaries should once again be foot-free. Shirriff Spudplucker will maintain a watch on the Harrow Fields for the time being however, in case something more sinister is afoot. 

2.3 Proposed Elderglen Games 

The acting Chairhobbit noted that this prospective event was mentioned in a recent Bramblebury Gazette editorial, and asked if any hobbit present knew who had proposed the games and if there was there a date in mind? They did not, but after a some discussion and taking quickly to his new leadership position Master Pete appointed Miss Pycella and Master Fidgit to a Games Committee. Suggested activities to include pony races and a pie-eating competition, and perhaps even fence-running! 

2.4 Absorption of Myrtle Burrows 

By way of introduction to this topic, the acting Chairhobbit presented a potted history of Myrtle Burrows and their recent refurbishment by the Spudplucker Clan. He also noted that Missus Armerianna Spudplucker will be arranging a party once the work is complete and also writing a family history for publication in the Bramblebury Gazette. Furthermore, as a gesture of solidarity with their new neighbours the head of the clan, Hevva Spudplucker, has arranged the Formal Absorption of Myrtle Burrows into Elderglen. She has filed the appropriate papers at the Town Hole in Michel Delving, and with the Quick Post. Myrtle Burrows will henceforth be known as Myrtle Court, and a part of the larger Elderglen village. This news was greeted well by those present and Master Pete offered the services of his band, the Evendim Hillbillies at the aforementioned celebrations. 

3. Any Other Business 

3.1 The Pipeweed and Brewers Guild 

The acting Chairhobbit noted that the lease at No. 2 Chalk Road had recently been taken up by The Pipeweed and Brewers Guild, and asked if any hobbit present were familiar with the organisation. None were unfortunately, although the general consensus was that they sounded like fine neighbours to have. Master Pete also volunteered to make it his task to find out more about them. 

3.2 Association Outfitting 

Master Fidgit asked if members of the Elderglen Residents Association would adopt a particular uniform, and the wearing of distinctive hats was briefly discussed. It was agreed that this would be a good discussion topic for the next meeting. 

4. Date of next meeting - TBC 

As Chairhobbit, Master Pete will host the next meeting of the Elderglen Residents Association. This will most likely be at The Farmer's Guild at No. 5 Harrow Road; date to be advised. 

Accepted as accurate 

Chairhobbit (acting): Shirriff Pogodoc Spudplucker Date: Saturday 27th June (5th Afterlithe, S.R.) 

Chairhobbit (elect): Pete 'Onionfarmer' Proudfoot Date: Monday 29th June (7th Afterlithe, S.R.)