Song - Yard Party Thrill

Post date: Feb 23, 2015 1:24:53 PM

By Toadflax Nosely   

Here's a song about our lovely weekly Bird and Baby Yard Party and also I have made the music I use for it available (see the bottom of this page) and feel free to sing this if you like as I am only happy if more people gets to hear of the Yard Party.   That's the Bird and Baby Yard Party in Michael Dwelling [sic], every Thursday starting at 19:30 ((UK time)), all good people welcome and always announced here in the Gazette. 

(To the left) An impromptu ensemble perfoms "Yard Party Thrill"  for the very first time - at a Yard Party, of course.


# I can't stand still

# Got that Yard Party thrill

# Yea, that Yard Party feel

# My feet gotta move

# We dance with skill

# High on Yard Party thrill

# We keep going until

# Our feets are all bruised

# There's Ale and the Mystery Food

# They even serve Swill

# But the Brown Ale is rather good

# And adds buzz to the thrill

# Folks passing by

# Get ensnared by the feel

# Catch the Yard Party thrill

# Some of them are here still

# A minstrel stops by and plays

# Sweet Shire melodies

# Everyone is invited to stay

# As long as they please

# O, do stop by!

# Eat and drink your fill

# Join a merry quadrille

# Catch the Yard Party Thrill!

(( OOC:

It goes well to sing this to the tune of Blueberry Hill.

Two versions of Blueberry Hill, a solo version and one for eight musicians are included in my Music Pack at the Crickhollow Music Library. Go to

to see the name of the current version of the Music pack, then hit the 'Songs' button at the top of the page to get to the download page.))