Song - IF

Post date: Apr 24, 2014 9:39:31 AM

By Allegretta Aleford 

If I ever had to leave the Shire

If I had to go away

The mem'ries I would take

Would see me through the day

If the green and gentle Shire I love

Was lost to me, I know

My life would lose its smile

The colour all would go

And when the night

Would settle all around

I'd dream of here

And fear to wake

If the Shire was far behind me

And my friends were far away

Nowhere else would be so fair

Though in silken sheets I lay

Given palaces and riches

They could not get me to stay

I'd strive to get back home

I'd hobble all the way

And when I saw this

Green and pleasant land

I'd know that I

Had come back to my home.

Some information about the artist:

Miss Allegretta is a young musician from Oldfurlong and performs, together with her sister Gennetta, as the Aleford Sisters. They play regularly at the Green Dragon and performed at the Bullroarer Took Celebrations 2014.