Poem - What Spring means to me

Post date: May 03, 2014 5:0:19 PM

by Simbo Rumblebelly


Oh, I wake in the morning and look out the window

To witness the sun rising up o'er the hills

So slowly it spreads all its rays on the gardens

Whilst bringing to life all the things that laid still

A land that was sleeping in Winter awakens

As gently the meadows around turn to green

The flowers unfurl their delicate petals

And trees become covered in garlands of leaves

The cockerel is crowing, all creatures are stirring

Like sleepers awaking into a new dream

Among the tall branches, the birds are all singing

And fish start their dancing in silvery streams

And even a shower gives such a fine sparkle

As rainbows start painting their arcs in the sky

The clouds drifting by like the sheep in the pastures

I take a good look and I let out a sigh

I wish I could capture these moments forever

The delicate singing of colourful birds

The beautiful sights of the rivers and meadows

I wish I could capture it all in some words

My head is now full of such wonderful visions

With the coming of Spring with its natural sights

And truly I know now that Spring has its meaning

It's means that we all have poems to write!