Poem - Them Dwarfy Games

Post date: Aug 31, 2013 10:52:25 AM

By Ponso Pondhopper 

What a time we had this week, visiting diff’rent places;  Meeting with them beardy dwarves and joining in their races. 

Ponies flying down the stairs, raced at breakneck speed, 

Winners proudly showing off their tasty pies and steeds! 

Then off we went to Needlehole to hold a fishing match;

And a very able win by our Miss Acorne, with a catch

Of four fine catfish, five plump dace and sixteen other fish

It was grand to see so many there and hear the rods all swish!

Next day, we had a song-contest in Needlehole’s main square.

It really was a treat to find so many hobbits there.

They strummed their lutes and sang their best; it wasn’t a surprise

To see the lovely Badgers walk off with the first prize!

After all that singing, we needed a swift drink!

So we all ran off ter Brockenborings, a Wooly-foot to sink.

Then on to Stock for Withywindle, no time to stand and talk—

We sploshed our way to Frogmorton, though some could hardly walk!

After a mug of Toad’s Tongue, to Bywater we did go

And lined up for Green Dragon’s Breath, our faces all a-glow.

We stumbled out into the lane, down to the Ivy Bush

Thistleberrys on the bar; it really was a crush!

Then out at last into the night for the last leg of the race;

In the Bird and Baby, Blagroves was the one we had to face.

A dash to make the finishing post; some lanky won, they reckoned

But Kikilaa came third and Miss Tibba finished second!

The third day was for fighting, up at some Dwarfy fort.

I thought that I would stand and watch, ‘cause fighting’s not me sport.

The dwarves turned out in hobnail boots, steel hats and metal pants,

They roared and stomped about just like a herd of Oliphants!

The hobbits came into the ring and the dwarvies gave a grin

We had no axes, hammers or mail and the Dwarves thought they would win.

But we skipped and jumped and yelled and crept around them with a smile

And one by one them dwarfies fell, beaten by hobbit guile!

Three hobbits were the champions, much to the Dwarves’ surprise

And Kikilaa, Fasdel, Bennedik were awarded the first prize!

So all the fighting over, we walked off to the river.

It was snowing now and the thought of a swim was enough to make you shiver!

Though hobbits are made of sterner stuff and some of us jumped in.

And me, I started out quite well, I knew I couldn’t win.

But, when it comes to stamina we’re a strong and sturdy race,

And Kikilaa saved our hobbit pride by winning second place!

So now the games are over, and though we didn’t win the prize

Of Harnkegger, we surely gave them dwarfies a surprise.

Racing, fishing, fighting, swimming, we’re better than the rest

And in singing songs and writing pomes, we hobbits are the best!