Poem - The Took Who Married a Fairy

Post date: Feb 19, 2018 4:30:7 PM

By Pycella Woodberry 

Roses are red, violets are blue,   And this is a story that might not be true   It’s about a Took who, once in his life,   Loved a fairy and took her as his dear wife.   When he was little, his ma told about fairies Who baked the most wonderful pastries And whenever the lad had his birthday He found a tasty pie at their doorway “That’s a gift from a fairy”, his ma explained Even though they were pies she had baked The lad grew older, believing his ma’s lies And became a true lover of fairy-made pies “When I come of age, I will marry a fairy” “Together, we will run a magical bakery” One day, he had a walking stick in his hands And started to search for the fairy lass lands Up on a hill, a hobbit lady was napping Having a picnic, with a pie in a wrapping But when she slept, a bear came over

It was hungry and had a bad honey hangover

It roared and the hobbit lady woke up

She screamed and climbed up to the tree top

The bear ate the pie, and left for bear business

But up in the tree, there was a lady in distress

A pie inspired by this poem

Then the lad came by, still after his fairies

And he heard the cries from behind the leaves

“Is it you, pie fairy, up in the tree?” said he.

“I’m what you will, now help me get free!” said she.

The lad climbed up and helped the lass down safely

And when they were there, he bent his knee.

And the rest is rumours and hobbit history.

Until his dying day, he thought the lass was a fairy

And no wonder, for her pies were quite lovely

Believe what you will, it might not be true

But love is a real thing, even for a Took.

This poem was first presented at the Tuckburough Historical Field Trip on February 18, 2018.

Some info about the artist: Miss Pycella is not only a gifted storyteller and poet, but she is also a baker of pies and runs a shop in Songburrow that is well worth a visit! Miss Pycella often recites poems or stories of her own hand at the Green Dragon on Fridays, where she also sometimes acts as the host of the evening.