Poem -  the Shirriff-em

Post date: Oct 04, 2011 11:43:49 PM

By Simbo Rumblebelly  Who keeps us hobbits safe and sound? Who looks for trouble day and night? Who'll sort it out when trouble's found? Who'll never run away from fights? The one who's there to put things rightAnd knows the whats the wheres and howsThe one whose cloak is smart and whiteOh Shirriff we salute you now! With keenest ears, they hear all sounds

And sharpest eyes will see all sights

When signs of trouble come around

They'll face the strife with all their might

And nothing ever gives them fright

No bead of sweat is on their brow

In darkest days they shine a light

Oh Shirriff we salute you now!


They follow footsteps on the ground

To track the thief who came at night

Relentless, like the surest hound

Not stopping till they're locked up tight

No hiding from the Shirriff's sight

No sort of mischief is allowed

Don't ever think of taking flight

Oh Shirriff we salute you now!


Shirriff, your star does shine so bright!

To serve the Shire; your solemn vow

And never hopeless is the plight

Oh Shirriff we salute you now!