Poem - the Moon

Post date: Nov 22, 2010 1:54:34 PM

The Moon - By Simbo Rumblebelly

Just look up at the moon

Way up in the sky

Are there hobbits up there

Who feast on moon pie?

Could it really be true

It's made of green cheese?

And all those moon hobbits

Can eat all they please?

Its landscape is shining

It glows very bright

Are its meadows silver?

Are the rivers white?

And are there gardens

With flowers up there?

And do the moon lasses

Wear them in their hair?

Sometimes the moon darkens

And hides in the shade

It thins to a crescent

And gradually fades

And then it gets bigger

The brightness it spreads

Is that when moon hobbits

Get out of their beds?

And do the moon hobbits

Who live there look down

And wonder if down here

More hobbits are found?

So look up at the moon

Way up in the sky

And look at those hobbits

And wave and say Hi!

Some information about the artist:

Master Simbo is a famous poet around the Shire. When not preoccupied with collecting and eating pies, Master Simbo works on expanding his collection of self-written poems. He is a regular visitor of the Green Dragon, where on fridaynights he may be found willing to recite some of his work. Master Simbo is also a gifted musician and actor.