Poem - The King of the Shire

Post date: Sep 07, 2014 7:29:14 AM

by Simbo Rumblebelly.


If I could be king, or a lord of this land

With all of the hobbits at my sole command

What power I'd wield, and how great it would be

To rule o'er the land, just as far as I see


But I am no king, but a mere humble lad

Who lives in a hole with his Ma and his Pa

From out of the window I view my domain

A small patch of lawn is the size of my reign


I go for a walk, just to clear out my head

For thoughts of such grandeur should stay in my bed

Along the old paths I have wandered before

I always feel grand just to wander once more

I look at the fields where I toiled all today

I was huffing and puffing, collecting the hay

I will always remember the times working here

My blood's in the land, and my sweat and my tears

I walk by the streams where so often I fish

And under the colourful rainbows I wish

I stroll in the fields where as children we'd play

And walk by the trees where exhausted we'd lay

I climb up the hills and I look at the scene

A patchwork of meadows in yellow and green

I see all the paths that I frequently roam

I see all the burrows my kin folk call home

Oh, I am not king, but I don't need to be

For all of the Shire has a small part of me

And all other hobbits are just like me too

We rule altogether, we're Kings me and you.