Poem - The Journey of Life

Post date: Jun 29, 2013 7:26:28 AM

by Simbo Rumblebelly

Oh, take a step outside your door

Look around, then take one more

Stroll beyond your garden gate

Wander on, no need to wait

Walk along the grassy lane

Shelter under trees from rain

Help yourself to fruit that falls

Hear the birds that sweetly call

Take a stroll through meadow grass

There's no need for walking fast

Breathe the scent of wild flowers

Keep on journeying for hours

Watch the little butterflies

Many colours flutter by

Trail the path of bumble bees

Buzzing round the cherry trees

Will you cross that stream that flows?

Will you follow where it goes?

Maybe walk into the woods?

Climb up hills where few have stood?

There'll be many folk you'll meet

Take your time to stop and greet

Before the day has reached its end

Perhaps you will have found a friend?

It doesn't matter where you go

You can journey fast or slow

Many things come with each new day

Savour what may come your way

Oh, life's a journey we all make

Long the path that we must take

Look behind and you will see

You've gained some wondrous memories