Poem - The Hero of Greenfields

Post date: Mar 18, 2021 2:1:15 PM

By Grufforic Furrow 

Sometime ago, in fields of green,

I made my mark on history, a feat not yet seen.

Green-skinned villains, evil pure,

They charge at our home, in our fields they roam,

But thanks to my actions, the Shire will endure.

I met them on the Fields outnumbered, us few.

But through my bravery and valiance, hope grew.

I inspired those smaller to follow my lead,

At the end of my day all will know our deed.

Our charge was swift, the orcs had to die!

My gaze fixated, on their foul green king,

His judgement was swift, as his head flew sky-high,

It landed in a rabbit-hole, a legendary swing!

They cheered and praised him, for his epic deed.

But no one remembered to praise me, his steed.

A statue, a holiday, all to celebrate the old Took,

But nothing to remember me, not even a book!

So please next time you visit the golf course,

Think of the true hero, the stallion, the horse.

Master Grufforic wrote this poem for and performed it first time on Bullroarer Took Day 2021