Poem -  the Grump-em

Post date: Nov 01, 2011 4:3:12 PM

By Simbo Rumblebelly  Curse the sky and curse the sun!  Curse you rascals, everyone!  Curse that beating on your chest  Can't an old man get some rest?   All I see all day or nightKids that should be out of sightTush and pish and fiddlesticksPesky youngsters and their tricks Stop that running round and roundStamping, pounding on the groundWill these runctions ever cease?

Let me drink my tea in peace!


Bah! This tea is weak and cold

And the biscuits, soft and old

With food like this I'll waste away

Food was better in my day!


Is that music that I hear?

Don't you make that racket here

Drums and pipes are childish toys

Drat your loud infernal noise!


Kids should know what to expect

Treat your elders with respect

I respect my elders too

Sadly they're now very few...


Ahh! I see you've found the door

Now I'll get some peace once more

Wait! For now you've gone away

Who's to hear what I've to say?


Now that there is no-one here

No-one will my grumbling hear

It's not the same when I'm alone

I'd rather someone hear my moans!

"Any similarity to any actual grumpy old hobbits in The Shire is purely co-incidental...."