Poem - Summer Rain

Post date: Aug 10, 2013 9:36:47 PM

by Simbo Rumblebelly

The sun above, with fiery glow

Has warmed this land that lies below

In summer time, all baked in heat

The ground it burns beneath our feet


A land of green fades slow to brown

As scorching heat comes beating down

Too hot to rest, or sleep at night

From heat that never gives respite

But when above there forms a cloud

It spreads around its cooling shroud

The air is moist, and drips appears

The sky has brought its welcome tears

For comes the rains to cleanse our lands

And wash the dryness from our hands

To cool your brow, and chill your feet

The summer rains that taste so sweet

The gardens gleam in rainbow hues

The flowers feed on silver dew

And meadows sparkle, diamond lights

For spots of rain all twinkle bright

Now jump in puddles with a splash

Or slide about on slippery grass

Just feel the drizzle in your hair

And run about without a care

Oh, summer rain, come fall on me

To quench the heat and make us free

To lose ourselves in summer showers

Come let the rain drops fall for hours

Refresh yourself with tender spray

Enjoy the summer's rainy days

Each little drop of rain that falls

In summertime, gives life to all