Poem - Run!

Post date: May 25, 2014 8:2:13 AM

By Simbo Rumblebelly

You'd better run!

You know that it's true

For the monsters that hide

In your wardrobe at night

They are coming for you

Before the night's done!

You'd better run!

Yes, you'd better run!

It's not safe outside too

For the bounders all shout

That trouble's about

And it's all caused by you

They'd stop all your fun

You'd better run!

Still you must run

But the rain starts to pour

And thunder and lightening

Is angry and frightening

And wind loudly roars

A storm has begun

You'd better run!

So run, and then run

But not to the trees

For the wolves are all howling

And bears are all growling

They're wanting their tea

And you are the one

You'd better run!

But why do you run?

It's all your in your head

Just look all around

You're still safe and sound

Tucked up in your bed...


...But monsters have come!

You'd better run!