Poem - King and Queen

Post date: May 07, 2017 9:15:48 AM

By Simbolo Rumblebelly  

What would the night be without the stars? 

That we may admire from afar 

And what would the day be without the sun? 

That it may shine on everyone 

And could you have a bird without a song?

That it sings sweetly all day long

And what would a river be without a fish?

Or a wishing well without a wish?

So what would a lad be without a lass?

To keep him on the rightful path

And what would a lass be without a lad?

He may be silly, but makes her glad

Be it a lad and a lass, or Queen and King

There's happiness in pairs of things...

For many things are bound together

And two as one can stay forever

Some info about the author:

Master Simbolo is the brother of another fine poet: Simbo. Talent runs in the family there!

He made this poem for the occasion of the coronation of Queen Dassa and King Potty on May 6 2017 and first performed it there.