Poem Harnkegger Games 2018: Of love and trickery

Post date: Oct 14, 2018 3:51:47 PM

By Lina Willowwood 

Of love and trickery 

Lotho was a feeble lad, his arms as thin as splinters 

Not exactly handsome, with a laugh that made yer wince 

Everybody knew that Lotho had his eyes on Rosie 

‘I will dance with her, and I will be her prince’ 

Rumours spread about a jolly party in the Shire

Courses three and drinks for free, and dancing all night long

Lotho waited night and day to get his invitation

When no letter came, he went to join the throng

There beneath the party tree, he had a drink of porter

Straight ahead the lass he’d wed, if only she’d agree

Other lads they swarmed around and kept her ever busy

‘Time fer tricks and pranks’, he rubbed his hands with glee

Sneaking near the bustling crowd, he reached inside his backpack

Grinning wide and looking snide, he filled his lungs with air

Squeezing hard he blew into his father’s ancient bagpipes

‘This will make them run, and leave the maiden fair’

No-one could explain the utter chaos that descended

Laddies yelped with cries of help, they ran toward the hills

Tables turned and ale-kegs burned, and Rosie lost her manners

Lotho heard her scream, a howl that gave him chills

Late at night the party hosts were sifting through the carnage

Weeping shrill and looking ill, Lotho clutched a rag

‘Never let a hobbit lassie catch yer playing bagpipes’

‘She will break the pipes, and make yer eat the bag’