Poem Harnkegger Games 2018: A Pipeweed Poem

Post date: Oct 02, 2018 6:48:53 PM

By Agago Longleaf 

A Pipeweed Poem 

Tall and stately green  Best sight I ever seen 

Swaying in the breeze 

Pretty as you please 

Rooted firmly in the ground

Planted neatly in their mounds

Growing up toward the sky

As the summer months go by

Nothing smells as sweet

In the late summer heat

As the frothy bloom above

Something most us Hobbits love

Hail to farmers that grow pipeweed

Of summer leaf that comes from the land

Stonecrop Leaf just ain't that grand

But Summer Green Weed

I have to say

Is the pick of the day

Some pipeweed was named after folks

Some in honor some as a joke

First Hobbit in the Shire to be a pipeweed grower

Was a fellow by the name of Tobold Hornblower

Some pipeweed was named for what he done

Hornblower and Old Toby were the ones

Sweet Lobelia as it is known

Most distasteful of all that's grown

Some pipeweed just bad as can be

That be Southlinch that come from Bree

Mighty good pipeweed that all desire

Comes from Southfarthling here in the Shire

Long Bottom Leaf and Southern Star

Eagles Nest be best by far

Some pipeweed it is said

Can bring you back from the dead

A pipeweed whose praises I will sing

Was said to be a favorite of an ancient king

Listen folks it ain't no joke

Some glow with an eerie fire when its smoked

According to hobbits we confess

Wizards Fire is the best of the best

So pardon me while I pause to ponder

It's PIPEWEED time

So away I will wander

Some info about the artist: Miss Agago is a member of the Purple Parlor Pipeweed Band and not only a gifted musician and musical arranger, but also an accomplished poet.