Poem - An ideal Day!

Post date: Apr 24, 2013 7:29:37 AM

By Ponso Pondhopper

So many people all around, running here and running there 

Lighting fireworks, red, blue green; chasing letters through the square 

Rushing off on errands long, fetching hammers shields and ale; 

Racing ponies round the track, wond'ring if they'll win or fail. 

So much madness everywhere, but not for me, not today

I took myself down to the mill to watch the water slip away.

I lit a pipe of gamwich braid and blew out rings that gaily twirled

And thought myself the luckiest chap to spend my life in such a world!

A picnic basket full of goodies; hams and cheese, and crusty bread

Mushroom pies, boiled eggs and biscuits, buttered scones with honey spread.

For when your life is getting busy and you find you need a rest

A river-bank's the place to head to and by a water-mill's the best.

The creak of the wheel that gently spins; the running water, thrush's song,

All these sounds assailed my ears as I just sat there, all day long.

I watched the sun traverse the sky, saw the clouds scud overhead

And when at last the sky turned pink I packed my things and went to bed.

So when your life is getting busy, or you're feeling in a tiz.

When you have enough of errands, chasing letters, fireworks' fizz;

Make yourself a picnic basket, full of lovely things to eat.

Get yourself down to the river and give yourself a day-long treat!