Paintings - the Greenbrambles concert

Post date: Mar 26, 2011 10:17:40 AM

by  Delonix Litefoot and Amorey Sweetrose.

There is music about paintings and there are paintings about music. Artists have the tendency to be inspired by other artists. So here is a small collection of paintings made in contribution to the Greenbrambles celebration of Bullroarer Took Day 2011.

Dancers, as well  as,.....

....poets can be the source of inspiration too!And finally a fine painting depicting all (all!) present at the Greenbrambles concert, posing with Bandobras Took.

Some information about the artists:

When Delonix Litefoot was a child a pack of goblins came and took her parents away, while her two sisters had been saved by a fellowship of traders. She lived alone in Brandywood, along the ruins there for a long time and spent most of her days fishing, cooking and drawing. When she was older she started to trade for things that she couldn't get on her own. She has met her sisters last Yule, and now they have burrows next to each other in Henbury.

Her parents named her Amorey Lullabella Wildstrawberry Sweetrose which is really nice...but a bit of a mouth-full. For obvious reasons she is more commonly known as Amorey Sweetrose. Her father encouraged her since a very early age to learn to read and write, paint and play musical instruments. Inspired by her mother's love for songs and poems and  great passion for books with illustrations she decided to follow the path of the Minstrel and Scholar.  Miss Amorey recently settled down in a lovely burrow in Brightdown.