Reader's comments to First Edition

((Ed. The letters below were slightly edited, just to remove personal emailadresses))


Got some interesting stories for the next Edition.

Flying taters spotted in the Michel Delving field, (got a screenshot by it) Also Byronbrand has been informed.

And I also want to inform you that I wish to plan a fishing event for Sunday 6pm 12th of Sep Servertime at the Watermill in Hobiton

I love your idea about a newspaper and perhaps I may aid you in the future with Stories and Poems.

Best Regards Adalbard Oakleaf. Kinsman of people of the shire.


I would like to subscribe to the gazette as i find its information a great way of keeping up to date with the comings and goings of the area, please forward to my quickpostaddress

Kind Regards


A very nice paper! *cheers* I look forward to future issues!

- Lina

((There is another way of distributing the newspaper, but perhaps you already considered it? There's a RP website for the Laurelin server called laurelin archives at Here players can register and post RP stories, adventures and whatnot. And even newspapers, I should guess!

It would also be a good place to store back issues, so they are easily available))

Oh, lest I forget: Although I don't live in Bramblebury myself, I could write stories or somesuch for you, if you're in need of content. I guess that would be from a general Shire perspective. Just let me know if I can help out in some way!


I would like to subscribe to the newsletter .

Also please take this token of appreciation you will find in attached parcel. (6 superior hornblowers pies)

Arachai: (answered to each page seperately!)

dear editor,

i am sad to hear that you are not delivering this great gazette by way of the shire mail anymore. i was just awarded the honorary title of Quickpost in my attempt to help with bringing the gazette to everyone in the neighbourhood. i never heard of this Email thing you talked about, but i assume that means Elven Mail, yes? while i can understand that they might seem to move faster then a hobbit, and are normally less distracted by the countless inns and taverns on the way, i still feel that i must say, we from the quickpost take our work seriously!

An angry Arachai, of the quickpost

dear Editor,

what are those vacant spots? i mean what would be the requirements for them, what would they have to do?

yours arachai

dear Yola,

i heard the music drifting with the wind as i was fishing at the river flowing into rushock bog. had i known it was a concert, i would have been there for sure. also i heard about the green dragon evenings. i shall try to find my way back hom earlier to be able to attend said parties.

yours Arachai

Dear Yola,

i am not yet a bounder, but am training to become one. as i spend my time mostly out in the shire woods and fields, i am behind on schedule of that endeavour. i can offer to track that dark runner though, for my ability to track is second to none.

yours Arachai.

Dear Yola! i am thrilled to keep getting this great gazette. if i encounter or hear or see anything printable, i shall let you know!

yours Arachai, who has just returned from an extensive journey through the shire.


Dear Miss Yola,

What a nice surprise! That must have cost you loads of time! What a wonderful first edition! Thank you so much!

Since you probably had less time to provide for your personal needs, here is a little something.


Akelay, who will ask the dwarf from the kinship up the hill if he would know a candidate for the post of kinship correspondant


Greetings Dear Editor Yola!

What a great initative to make a special gazette for our young neighbourhood. Looking forward to read the next issue. Hopefully the lurking figure has been apprehended or at least run off to far away before that.

since there was no mentioning of any fee i'm including 100 silver as a good will gesture for your effort.

Best regards

Rochadan well travelled

1 Pleasant street


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