Our editor missing in action

By Peppy Bristlebrush 

While on an extended tour of duty in war-torn Angmar, the editor of this Gazette, Miss Yola Plumblossom has been captured by the enemy forces and is now officially declared "Missing In Action" by her superiors.

This explains why we never heard from her anymore, despite the many letters that were sent to her. We can conclude nothing about her fate: is she a prisoner, is she still alive, where exactly is she?

Her boss wrote me this letter, stating that she is missing in action, and stresses one point very clearly: No one is to form a raid or rescue party to try and find her. This would only lead to more war victims, be it fallen in action or more prisoners of war and could even endanger Miss Yola's present state whatever that may be.

I hope that you, our readers, will obey to the above. As her brother I shall keep making the Bramblebury Gazette in such way as to uphold the standard of quality she has always maintained.