2011-1 Deputy Mayor's report

Post date: Apr 18, 2011 11:48:45 AM

Bramblebury report, covering the months Afteryule, Solmath and Rethe

By Byronbrand Stepwise, Deputy Mayor of Bramblebury

1. Overal summary

In general happiness and prosperity has increased. Bramblebury has become a popular neighborhood, as a total number of four ! requests have reached my letterbox (accompanied by the appropriate amount of pie) asking when cottages will become available. Still, there are things that require improvements. And this document will identify the main issues that were manifest in this first quarter; and will be used to set my policies for the next quarter.

2. Our inhabitants and the housing shortage problem

At the beginning of Afteryule all our lovely homes were occupied by three kin holes and Twenty-and-Seven Brambleburians. However, a worrying trend seemed to develop that is not uncommon in other neighbrohoods as well. Certain inhabitants for some incomprehensible reason do not return to Bramblebury and spend time in their gardens, chat to neighbors or join in the festivities that are frequently organized allround. They just remain absent.

In these situations the houseing broker declares "foreclosure" and locks the house ! What a terrible situation where young people are in need of a home, but buraucracy does not allow them the right to live near friends! A letter of protest has been sent by me to the houseing broker agency to rectify this intolerable situation, but to no avail. Private property it seems is regarded sacred !

An interesting alternative was voiced by one of our Brambleburians to transfer all property rights to so called ghost towns that can hold perpetully absent "inhabitants". At the moment I am investigating this new line of thought. I shall organize a petition to present a new case to the escrow broker agency. My intention is to gather broad support amoungst the neighborhoods ( including Elven, Man and Dwarven settlements ) to give this letter the democratic basis it needs to convince the agency of it's unjust policies and change them accordingly !

3. Horse riding behaviour

We all know this to be a main manifest point ! Yes, hobbit and manfolk alike... even the odd elf and dwarf is not imume it seems to disturbe a musical event or social chat on the square by galloping through with a horse or pony. Twelve letters and eight verbal protest have been uttered to offending riders by myself and with the help of volunteers.

The general reaction is one of apology. Riders sincerely express the errors of their ways and some even have become Green Dragon regulars. We salute this kind of civilized behaviour and distribute a pie accordingly. Others are too fast to be contacted during the offence unfortunatly. And sometimes one gets run over while attempting to communicate with the rider. So as you see, this job does come with risks ! However, we shall continue this policy, because it seems to work and increase participation in social events.

4. Pie deliveries

Pie production is up ! However, there is much room of improvement. Especially in the stomage area where there is need of filling. 519 pies were distributed overal in the first quarter. Mostly to myself, but one want to garantee quality after all and do some tasting, before sending these to others. We shall continue this policy, but promise to increase supply to Bramblebury inhabitants a little bit more, as my waistline warrants a new suit. And suits are expensive.

5. Festivities

An increasing amount of social events are occuring. This is because of the fact that many hobbit folk all around the neighborhoods are actively involved in organizing and joining in the fun ! Also the Bramblebury Gazette has proven to be a excellent media to coordinate and announce such events. It seems that in the area of culture and social events, hobbits are well adapt in organize it without the help of any authority - and that includes the position of deputy mayor.

6. Overal conclusion

All is well, as Brambleburians and indeed most hobbit folk are both the bringers, receivers and participants of the good that makes all of us want to live in the Shire. The Shire we all know as decent, civilized, normal and proper and beautiful. However, as mentioned before, matters of the housing requires most attention. As this is an unjust situation, it will receive highest priority.

Byronbrand Stepwise, Deputy Mayor, Bramblebury,