One last minute candidate!

Post date: Dec 01, 2010 12:32:45 AM

On the last day of November another candidate for Shirriff of Bramblebury announced herself. It was due to a petition of certain Bramblebury inhabitants, that Miss Nimelia Stoutfoot was finally persuaded to become a candidate for the elections. This means that there are three candidates for Local Shirriff and one for Deputy Mayor.

But does this mean that Master Byronbrand Stepwise is certain of his victory and the post of Deputy Mayor? Not in the least! The voting may be a formality, but his credentials will be scrutinised by the authorities. They will focus their attention on his past and on the fact that he has disappeared for quite a while from the Shire and upon return came forward as a candidate.  Also in the case of no votes at all, however unlikely, the candidate can still be rejected by the will of the people!