Nimelia's election manifesto

Post date: Dec 03, 2010 11:4:36 AM

Dear fellow Bramblebury residents,

As all of you probably know by now, local elections for deputy mayor and Shirriff are to be held before this year is out. In order to try and contribute my share to the development of the Bramblebury community, I have decided to run as candidate for the post of local shirriff.

Apart from the obvious duties to all Bramblebury residents associated with such post, namely protecting their burrows and all pies therein from unauthorized access, I have identified the following tasks:

*) To support the deputy mayor in his or her duties.

*) To make public, on occasion, any information related to the Shirriff's duties that might be of interest to the Bramblebury community, by publishing appropriate reports in the Bramblebury Gazette.

*) To keep in check the shrew infestation on and around the south fields, by working with the Michel Delving authorities, and in particular, to keep it from spreading over to the homesteads, until such time as a proper shrew infestation committee is established.

*) To keep in check the (on occasion somewhat less than subtle) statesmanly ambitions of our esteemed candidate for the post of deputy mayor, Master Byronbrand Stepwise: Rumour has it that Mayor Will Whitfoot, long concerned about 'some upstart in Hobbiton who has been secretly gathering support', is now even more concerned about 'some upstart in Bramblebury who is secretly gathering support'. Political dispute between two energetic gentlemen such as Masters Whitfoot and Stepwise could easily lead to fisticuffs and the throwing of pies, and that would certainly be a disgraceful waste of pies.

With best regards,

  Nimelia Stoutfoot